Startup Playground


We are a full-circle firm that helps aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners launch and scale their business. We are on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to redesign the world using their unique perspectives and talent.

Our values?

  • Play - We’re aligning your business with passion and are bringing your ideas to life! Come have fun with us, it is now time to realize the dream you've been chasing for too long.
  • Be Bold - We take risks and we are here to change the game. And if you fall - we’re here to help you get back up.
  • Authenticity - We work with entrepreneurs who show up as their true authentic self and their business is a reflection of their purpose.
  • Impact - Change the world for the better.
  • Empower - Providing unparalleled support to our entrepreneurs and equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to redesign the world. 
  • Community - We put the humanity back in business. We believe our success and our entrepreneurs’ success will depend on our ability to connect with our community.


We work with a select amount of entrepreneurs to provide the highest quality and consistent support. We’re skilled in Mentoring, Business Strategy, Marketing, Design, Visuals, Product Management and Development. This isn’t our “job” but our passion. It drives us to show up for our clients with unparalleled support and guidance. 

Our goal is for entrepreneurs who work with us to flourish and live their purpose.

interested? Let's talk.


founder and ceo

           I founded Startup Playground out of a love for helping people realize their talents and potential and using that to create a viable business. I want to help women and people of colour make bold moves and literally shatter the box with their ideas.

By day I am a product manager at a tech company creating products that bring better health outcomes for people.

I am an advocate for diversity and inclusivity in tech and funding. I’m on a mission to empower more women and people of colour to redefine and shape the world by building businesses elevated by tech using their unique perspectives at its core.

At Startup Playground, I will walk with you on your journey as we strategize and launch your business.


design lead

             My interest in cultural diversity, women empowerment and strong aesthetics brought me here today to join Vinthujah in this new adventure.

As an architect and artistic director by day, creativity and (conceptual) design are playing a huge part in my working process. From drawing sketches to vectorial lines, I will help you draw your purpose.

Through my additional skills in web and graphic design, I will assist you in the final steps of your program and shape, right by your side, a high-end web platform and visual content that will fit your needs.

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